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In Antakya

Things my Syrian Colleague says

Me: So arhe you happy?
SC: -ish...
SC: ... I mean, why no? Meh.

Asi River, Antakya


It felt like a dream, one that was slowly fading away.

I kicked desperately at the ground till my back reached the stump of the wall that remained. A trail of blood remained in my wake. I leant back, hands still pressed against the flesh, blood streaming between my fingers. I had felt invincible,…

Turkish breakfast

Beautiful Turkish flowers - that bloom just once

My new best friend!

Beautiful day in the neighborhood

A wall of fog in Gazientep, Turkey.

What manner of French trickery is this?

Galeries Lafayette, Paris

5 things to expect when travelling from a tiny small airport like Lansing

1) Srirach sauce raises red flags at the check in security and they will unpack your bag and check it.

2) The (United Airlines) airplanes look like they were purchased on sale from the Soviet Union

3) If said Soviet-era plane has technical difficulties, the attendant will rapidly call around the airport looking to “borrow a screwdriver”

4) There will be no water fountains, and you will be left to wait for your flight at the gate - standing up (seriously, there are no seats!)

5) Free Wi-Fi for “your convenience” (hello Clash of Clans…)


United Airways Plane…

You know which hero I hated the most for like half the movie? That guy Rishi, from Roja. He goes to see a bride and winds up picking her sister without consulting [the sister]. Who does that? Sad story, brah.